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It was really a wonderful experience for me to attend the special guest lecture by Manjula Mam on 6th feb at JMIT. THE TRANSFORMERS VALUE CREATORS is indeed the right place to begin with. I am very influenced and inspired by Madam Manjula’s way of teaching. And after knowing about Rakesh Thakur sir… it was like great feeling to meet such a dynamic personality like him. Looking forward to attend more lectures from the CREATORS group.
Ashish Dhiman
You are doing a superb job mam.. proud to have you as a senior.. good luck..
Arshi Sultanpuri Sharma
This page is full of positive vibes… Besides, I did not earlier realize that there were so many small yet powerful ways of creating social awareness. Every post in here would either cheer one up or invigorate a positive thought process in one’s mind.
Oh… one more thing! I never knew there were so many days to rejoice in a year until I followed ‘The Transformers… value creators’! 🙂
You guys are indeed doing a great job… Rock on!!!
Shreekant Verkala
Manjula mam is an awesome teacher she teaches in totally different way as compared to other teachers I am lucky to be her student as I learn so much from her.
Rahul Aggarwal
I had first time attended the session of ms.manjula mam on the workshop being held on RGNIYD today..and I got know that yes the transformer group really works to transform what we have in ourselves ..
The knowledge,the experience that ms. Manjula mam shared with us was valuable and I shall keep moving with these.
Thank you mam
Thank you transformer..
Feeling grateful and thankful.
Ppunam'z Bhardwaj Xhettri
An Understanding of building top quality Human resources is leading such an organisation to think and act likewise, which I believe is holding much in there to be delivered in right time in terms of values in the citizens of our country regardless of age, color, caste, profession, living area etc..
A well deserved appreciative statement for conceiving such an understanding-thought and actions at last.
Deepak Sondhi
We all are capable of doing anything and everything.. We just need to create a spark..
You ignite the fire by helping them realize their strengths and that is all what is needed. Keep up the great work. Best wishes
Akash Gaurav
It is need of hour to preserve and follow the real values that matters most in the life. It is said that the key to prosperity and happiness is to inculcate and nurture the moral values. The person without value will be the weapon without direction that may annihilate himself and will do damage to surroundings.
Manoj Kumar Verma
I attended a seminar of transformer in my college jmit radaur & yes after the session even in between the session i feel a dramatic change……in my confidence…in my morale… every positive energy that u required to become a performer from audience……hat’s off….specially to respected manju ma’m
Navie Sandhu
Feel good that time , we do the activities just like a children. We remember our child memory that memory had gone our mind very very thankful of OTA and transformer work shop.
Vijyeta Thakur
You can’t miss a chance to be awesome !
So, come and experience the amazing sessions, seminars on life skills at one oand only TRANSFORMERS !
Surely, will transform you !!
AJay MIttal
I attended the workshop at Punjab University on 5th of Jan-16, conducted by Ms Manjula Mam. It was awesome to be the part of this programme.
Mehraj Bhat
This is a nice and appreciable effort from educated society,we all must appreciate such initiative and try to be a part of it.
अजय कुमार भारतीय
संस्कार से मानव का विकाश होता है। sanskar means transform n to transform means mould lifestyle. Steping forward the stage is to transform and people make it happen are transformer.
Kamlesh B Mishra Panditji
Really transforming lives with innovative ideas hard work dedication commitment proper self image and unlimited Dreams.
Amit Sharma
A wonderful platform for learning, what’s new, what’s desired, right guidance and making one feel good.
Mamta Verma
I feel great being associated with the world of The Transformers.
Alemwati Pongener
Reformed training to help our-self to overcome lack of confidence, stage fear and shyness. Thanks for igniting the spark.
Navi Neeti