The Workshop Reshaping Leadership skills

Conducted By: Rajiv Gandhi National Institute Of Youth development

Conducted AtGovt Degree College Baramulla Jammu And Kashmir.

Conducted Under: (The CEO of the Organisation ‘THE TRANSFORMERS’)

                                       Mrs. MANJULA THAKUR


It was a workshop on youth reshaping leadership skills development with an emphasis on the needs of the youth and the subsequent areas to be developed. To be successful all youth will require to demonstrate leadership skills which can be deployed by developing on one’s confidence and make the youth to stand for their rights and simultaneously take up the responsibility of fulfilling their duties.



  1. The positive bangle I felt after the workshop was the unique potential which lies within me, which helped me strengthen my inner soul and add to my physical strength and mental ability.
  2. I was always a good speaker but to listen is to gain more, sit made me realize that the listening is much more effective than to speak.

     3.  To be a problem solver, is to handle all sort of situations without being in dilemma. To take a stand even in difficult situations and to be an effective decision maker, that is what I learned from the workshop. 




  1.   I never make perceptions regarding any person based upon their gender but this workshop made my vision more strong about the gender sensitization and particularly develop respect for the opposite gender.
  2. I am very much close to my parents as I do share everything with them respectfully, but the generation gap is still bothering me to get their views into my mind and make them understand my plans but after attending this workshop I have a much more clarity about the thought process of my elders and how to convey my ideas to them.
  3. Talking about getting being emotionally strong, this workshop has made me more intelligent to understand my own emotions and as well as those of others.


7       I’m not able to distinguish between my dreams, desires, aspirations and goals in life.


  1. Last but not the least, copying with pressure in life was my favoriteas to gather and handle the pressures in life is the ultimate winning feeling for being a successful seal.
  2. This workshop has highly motivated the youth to let them know, when and how to influence and inspire to make high performing teams.


Remarks’ By Others


Faheem Shah: What actually I learnt from this workshop is that we do have our own goals in our life and we do remain all geared to achieve them but we can’t remain oblivious to the other things surrounding us. We are set to attain our shots in life but we should avail all the opportunities that come in our way….. Don’t lose any chance, avail it with both of your hands J


Iqra Nazir:  This workshop was like a vaccination for my life as I was in that state of my life in which neither I prefer to smile nor to be sad but thanks to this workshop, I got my life back on track and now will never loose hope whatever the situation be.


Iram Khan: I was very lean regarding the confidence or to be strong, but after this leadership trait, I feel like I am more confident and I’m very hard to crush. I am very thankful to all who provided me with this opportunity to attend this workshop.


Aabid Salaam:  I just learned about professional values regarding the formal communication and exploring self motivation. Thus to reach to your determined path one must have a strong goal in mind.




Thus the ultimate critical and creative thinking was to establish strong connections into the minds of youth. Thus it was an inspirational vibe which must be transferred in today’s youth to make them better in future and our new generation will follow the hierarchy.


The ultimate outcome of this workshop was high levels of positivity with strongly felt realization for the need for change and eventually change was witnessed in the Hearts & Minds of the Majority of the Participants.

                                                   Faizan Doshab