Need for Transformation in our School Education

In the 21st Century how can we be so sure that our traditional school education is enough for our children to prepare them for the future competitive world. With the advent of new technology, we see a growing need to pace ourselves much faster towards our goals.

10 years ago, we were not so much into networking and social connectivity through different sources of social media sites like Whats-app, Facebook, Hike, Twitter. Accordingly in this world of Name, Fame & Image our children need to be more outgoing with strong set of Personal & Moral Values. Today information is available in abundance but what needs to be rectified is to apply appropriate filters to that unguided and untamed information.


In such an open and much demanding world of today, it is inappropriate if we say that schools can completely groom our children and make up for what we get through learning something extra. Learning Extra means developing our Children beyond having a Good Academic Grades and a Competent Lifestyle, but rather lead a more Confident & Self Regulated Life through Value Education and Life Skills. Values and Life Skills adopted in these formative years of School Life will surely help to develop much more Emotionally Sound & Vigilant Individuals who would further lay down the foundation of a more Progressive & Ethical Society.



Till date we are only working on the headware of our Children but now is the time to actually work on headware and heartware together. By adopting new soft ways of teaching inclusive of joy of learning, rhythm of thoughts and  we need to do strengthen the Tender Spirits of Our Children, who would not only Be the Change but would also be the Change.


Need is for a Dynamic Educational set up to adapt as per the fast changing needs of today, so as to guide, influence and advocate our Children through conflicting situations and copying with pressures of life.


With Pro-active planning, designing and execution of customized programs as per the individual needs felt and realized we need to not only tame their behaviour but develop attitude towards self commitment and  promote maximum Life Long learning through reflection, research and consistent evaluation.

Most Genres through which we can enhance Life Skills
  1.   Interpersonal Skills.Are the most appropriate section of our system to be enhanced, which contains

a.  Guiding others.

b.  Resolving conflicts and negotiate.

c.  Advocate and influence.

d.  Cooperate with others.


2.     Life Long Learning Skills.

  1. Take responsibilities for learning.
  2. Reflect and evaluate.
  3. Learn through research.
  4. Use information and communication technology.


3.     Communication skills.


  1. Read with understanding.
  2. Convey & express ideas in writing.
  3. Speak to inspire the most.
  4. Active listening.
  5. Keen observation.


4.     Decision Making Skills.


  1. Pro Active Planning.
  2. Solve problems and make decisions.
  3. Overcoming pre-conceived notions and ruling out doubts.