Sessions on time management and stress management were organized to cater to the needs of engineering faculty across the country.

Sessions were purposely designed to make them actualize that they have  a strong  inbuilt power within themselves  which  can be utilized to overcome  problematic  situations confronted by them in the daily routine and  lead a healthy and peaceful life.


The session made them realize the Importance of being self motivated and self driven. Through an energizing activity the teachers were made to leave behind the ‘I cannot zone’ and enter into the ‘I can zone’.


With prime emphasis that Happiness lies in accepting the change, changing the change and leading the change.



The multifarious activities which had to be completed within a set time frame wherein they practiced effectual utilization of time. Saving few minutes of the day for your own self is vital for a calm and peaceful mind for which Meeting yourself daily is as important as meeting others.


Also, it has been scientifically proven that a Happy Mind gives way to a Healthy Body.

In spite of being senior faculty members, the participants were very enthusiastic and actively involved in the various Innovative and creative activities which  helped them to laugh and enjoy the present moment. Effective use of presentations and videos not only grasped their attention but also sensitized them more deeply.