Summer Camp gets digitalized and yet filled with all the fun, thrill, and cheer… Yes, it’s happening this year when children…
* Enhance their Creativity Skills with *Art & Craft*
* Get physically boosted with *Zumba, Aerobics, and Bhangra classes*
* Understand the importance of *immunity & stamina building*
* Calibrate *Emotional wellness & Mental health*
* Learn * behavioral aspects and lifestyle management*
* Restore their lost energies with *Meditation, Yoga & breathing exercises*




*The Transformers Value Creators* was once again back with *Season-2* of *7 days Online Summer Camp*
One of the most happening and thrilling Summer Camp inclusive of:
* *Aerobics & Bhangra Classes*
* *Yoga & Meditation Sessions*
* *Martial Arts Techniques*
* *Creativity Skills with Art & Craft*
* *Attitude & Personality Development*