Season – 1

In the growing up years of life it is all the more essential to learn some of those more significant and all the more crucial learnings along with that sense of responsibility towards one’s body and wellness.

Some of those most prestigious real time learnings ….. along with such delightful experiences…. joys to be cherished and those most fulfilling accomplishments by the students of our online sessions 💚


Season – 2

After the Grand success of our first online summer camp… We were once again back with our 2nd #online_summer_camp to create much more energy and enthusiasm with a lot more engagement and enrichment. We actually feel so good and all elated to witness how come those virtual connections during the #online_summer_camp could so strongly influence the soul, spirits, and emotions of our students 💚 which could be so well reflected in their expressions, gestures, and most miraculous creative thoughts and innovations 🤗