Time and again we have been celebrating Parent’s Day, primarily to express our gratitude towards the parents, by laying down emphasis upon the “Role of parents in inculcating values & character building of their children”. In continuation to the same, with the support of various inspiring videos, fun games & engaging activities, the following family values are discussed & elaborated-

  • Respect for parents & elders
  • Respect for guru or spiritual teacher
  • Passing forward our cultural, spiritual & ancient heritage
  • Contribution to society & human kind through self less service

Young parents are made to reminisce the fact that their parents are also getting old & as children they hold the responsibility to take care of their aged parents.

The toddlers are made to express their love & affection towards their parents by singing & dancing around.

Apart from many exciting & emotional heart touching moments throughout, one of the key attraction is the live performance on the life of “मातृ और पितृभक्त श्रवण कुमार” by the very special kids from the less privileged & economically weaker section of the society.