We often use terms Literacy & Education interchangeably but here there is need to think deeply upon whether these two different terms implies similar meaning or they signify all together the different perspectives.


Ironically, the huge misconception is that these terminologies are termed as one & the same thing, which is a ponderous situation, thus, it is extremely essential for us to understand the difference between Spreading Literacy & Imparting Education.


Below listed are few important points, which would give you a better insight to the clear demarcation between these two terminologies.


  • ·     Literacy mainly involves acquiring the ability to read & write whereas Education is about holistic development of a person making it a complete human, who can not only read or write but also has the ability to think in broader terms & analyse the things rationally.
  • ·      Thus, Literacy is only about saturating individuals with information whereas Education imparts knowledge, which is information plus awareness regarding the appropriate use of attained information in the service of mankind.
  • ·     Undoubtedly, Literacy cannot turn people wise but Education surely does by enabling people to differentiate between right & wrong & doing right thing at a right time.


Conclusively, Education is a much broader & civilized term, which is perceived to be more focused upon the holistic development of an individual which consolidates an individual’s Metal, Physical, Social, Emotional & Spiritual Growth.


After knowing the above difference, it raises a big question mark on our education system, that is :

Are we turning to a Literate Society or an Educated Society?

Realizing the missing links, it is the need of the hour to review & improvise our Education system to ensure a real change, because just being literate won’t help the cause, we need to be aware as well to achieve the real meaning & purpose of education.


Thus, we need to expand the horizon of our education system by inculcating basic Moral Values & Ethics amongst  our students for which Soft Skills & Life Skills training programs have to be a part of Academic Curriculum to focus more upon building Right Attitude & Developing right set of Attributes amongst students at an early stage.


In this Enlightening Endeavour, “The Transformers Value Creators” a Nationally Renowned Life Skills Training Enterprise, has already joined hands with various Educational Institutes to work together to impart necessary Skills & Values amongst our students to raise them as more Visionary, Intellectual, Sensible & Responsible Adults.